IMDH Group evolved by combining together a wide range of skills from several fields, including offshore oil & gas, geophysical surveying, geological exploration, vessels’ design, conversion and ship-management. The pooling of this knowledge, acquired through decades of activity in the relevant sectors, has equipped the Group with unique technical skills to face all the challenges in this new frontier of the sub-sea world.

In 1998 our team revolutionised the old mining systems used in the offshore industry by designing and building the first fully operational Remotely Operated Subsea Tractor (ROST) to exploit successfully the diamondiferous marine deposits. This development led, in early 1999, to an even more ambitious project: the construction of the biggest and most powerful mining vessel ever seen at that time. The association of Mr Peter Looijen with a group of ship owners with some 25 years of experience in servicing, amongst other areas, the offshore oil and gas industries, made it possible, at the end of 2000, for the mv “Ya Toivo” to enter service and start profitable diamond mining operations along the Namibian coast.

The IMDH Group benefits from the combined experience of the people and companies that form the Group and, today, it is able to manage the full spectrum of underwater mining activities. Our mission is to consolidate our position in the relevant markets by expanding the spectrum of commodities that can be profitably mined underwater.


The IMDH Group consists of a number of legally independent entities which own the various separate assets, and where IMDH - International Mining and Dredging Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the holding company controlling the Namibian and South African operating entities. The Group is structured as follows:

Geo Surveys & Exploration (Pty) Ltd and Offshore Geo Survey and Exploration (Pty) Ltd are the (Namibian and South African respectively) companies providing marine geophysical geotechnical, geological surveys and laboratory support services for exploration and research purposes.

Namibian Underwater Technologies and Mining (Pty) Ltd (NUTAM) and NUTAM Operations (Pty) Ltd are companies providing operational and logistic support for project survey, exploration and mining, including the specialized vessels, in Namibia.

IMDSA (Pty) Ltd (International Mining and Dredging South Africa) is the South African main mining and dredging operating company of the Group.

Offshore Exploration and Mining Tooling (Pty) Ltd is our South African entity engaged in the design, elaboration and production of specialized tools and mechanical devices for the marine exploration and mining industry.

In addition, the Group owns several mineral concession licence holding companies and has interests in local joint-ventures and companies for the purpose of controlling Exclusive Prospecting Licences (“EPLs”) in Namibia and South Africa.

IMDH is mindful of its responsibilities to promote equality of opportunities and to avoid discrimination at all times. The Group’s Namibian and South African Companies fully comply with B-BBEE policy and legislation.


To ensure the continuous transfer of technical skills to the underwater mining industry, IMDH has formed strong technical alliances with companies which are at the forefront of their industry and represent best-in-class technology. To date, IMDH Group benefits from special partnerships, cooperation agreements and technical alliances with the following companies:

Ship Management companies
Naval Architects & Underwater Technologies Engineers companies
Ship and Plant maintenance and repairs companies
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