International Mining and Dredging Holdings Ltd (“IMDH” or the “Group”) consists of a group of companies actively involved in Offshore Mining projects and Exploration, including, but not limited to, GeophysicalGeotechnical and Geological Sampling Surveys (together with Research and Development of Sampling Equipment) and Dredging activities predominantly in African countries. 

IMDH operates several vessels (and their equipment) all of which are deployed in various operations in offshore mineral, oil & gas exploration and subsea mining areas. 

The Group is at the forefront of the underwater mineral mining industry and is ready, willing and able to face with confidence any kind of challenge presented in its fields of expertise. Drawing on its industry-acknowledged long experience gained in offshore alluvial diamond mining via its cutting-edge technical systems, the IMDH Group is optimally positioned to exploit most challenges in this underwater sector which contains the future of mining. 

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The Group
IMDH evolved from the coming together of extensive skills and collaborations from several fields, such as the shipping,...
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Fleet & Equipment
At present, IMDH is proud of its position in the market as the sole group able to cope with the full cycle of activities...
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IMDH Projects
IMDH Group is at the forefront of the underwater mineral mining today and is ready, willing and able to face with confidence...
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