The mv Ya Toivo during operation at sea on 4-point-mooring anchors' system
MV YA TOIVO – View of the vessel during dry-dock in Cape Town harbour
MV YA TOIVO – View of the control bridge from the heli-deck
MV YA TOIVO – View of the crawler on board
MV YA TOIVO – Launch of the crawler  (1 of 3)
MV YA TOIVO – Launch of the crawler (2 of 3)
MV YA TOIVO – Launch of the crawler (3 of 3)
MV YA TOIVO – Monitors in the crawler's control room
MV YA TOIVO – Detail of a monitor controlling the crawler's positioning
MV YA TOIVO – Subsea Tractor No. 1
The mining vessel YA TOIVO (length overall 149.50 metres) is equipped with a 4 point-mooring-system integrated anchor-assist and a dynamic positioning (DP2) system which combine to safeguard the vessel remaining in station in all weather conditions. The vessel is further equipped with a Remotely Operated Subsea Tractor (ROST), launch and recovery system for subsea tool handling consisting of a large, fixed A-frame over the stern of the vessel and a hoist winch and heave compensator. The mined material is slurry pumped from the sea bed through a special riser system into the fully integrated diamond 150 ton/hour dense media separation (DMS) processing plant.

The mining operations on the vessel are handled (on a 24-hours basis) in an environmentally friendly manner: the material mined from the seabed, once pumped on board, is sorted and processed without the use of any chemical product. Once separated, the tailings are re-deposited in the very same areas where the ROST was operating in order to leave little or no sign of mining operations, thereby favouring preservation of the biophysical environment.

Please refer to the enclosed documents in pdf for additional information.

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